Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Demonslayer's Realm.

By Maisie Belford, year 9, Grammar School

Ellegaard stared in disbelief at the rogue in the wagon. He sat, smoking his pipe,his hood over his eyes, gazing at the sky. The young halfling marvelled at the work he had done in just one night. The wagon, which wasn’t there before supper, was tall and made of wood with a thin sheet for a roof. The inside was spacious; it looked as though she and the other adventurers could comfortably ride with plenty of room to spare! The bard moved backwards to further examine the cart.‘Ellegaard’s Travelling Circus’ was inscribed across its side.

“I’m glad to see you’re impressed,” the rogue said quietly.

“Why of course I am.It’s incredible!” Ellegaard cried.

The rogue’s mouth crept up into a slight smile,which was gone before the bard noticed. He turned,and pulled out a large map. Motioning for Ellegaard to move towards it, he said;

“We will travel north through Bandit’s wood to get to the Ergen border” he paused and pointed to a section to the map, “You will be disguised as circus performers, and you have been invited to Grugg’s castle to perform to him-”

“Who’s Grugg?” Ellegaard interrupted.

“Grug is the Orc Chieftain, and he has complete power over the Land of Orcs. He threatens the elves, and he must be stopped before he has a chance to invade our kingdom.”

Ellegaard stood in silence. The rogue looked up to the sky once more.

“You will be a distraction. I will kill the Chief,” the rogue whispered with menace. He handed Ellegaard a small bag.

“Get changed, and wake your friends. Time is of the essence and we will leave before breakfast,”

The bard ran towards the keep, and turned to look at the rogue once more, but he was gone like a quiet note in the wind.

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