Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Darkness Plain

By Felix Newman, year 7, Elizabeth College

A red moon, barely visible in the night sky (it was always night) shone dim light over the small town. A bewildered rooster crowed – this was the only way of knowing what time of day it was. The roosters always know, for some reason. The people here were dependant on them.

Damien was abruptly awoken. The rooster crowing was like an alarm clock – although he did wish he could press a snooze button. He reluctantly got up, showered, dressed, and made himself some breakfast. He looked in his cupboard and grimaced.

‘Bread again?’ he thought out loud. There wasn’t much food where he lived, so they had to ration it. The most common food around there was bread. He ate the bread and went outside. He was greeted by black rubble.

‘What a beautiful sight to see in the morning,’ he sarcastically said under his breath. He passed the wrecked hospital and remembered what kind of a world he lived in. A tear formed in his eye, rolling down his cheek. He couldn’t remember anything about his past. The Darkness Plain was all he could remember.


He remembered his mother. He loved her so much… he didn’t know where she went or what she did. The memory of her warmed him like a light inside him. It felt good.

He eventually arrived at ‘the factory’. This is where the Legion created clones.

Suddenly, he saw a white light appear in front of him. He hadn’t seen that colour in so long…

He reached out to touch it. Suddenly, it exploded. Everything was changing back to normal! The Darkness Legion disappeared. The leader (an intimidating red creature) let out a bellow before fading away. Buildings swiftly rebuilt. The sky returned to normal! Damien’s face lit up. They were saved!

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