Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Dark Ages

By Edward Lucas, year 7, Elizabeth College

This was the day he would complete the machine. As he walked in the room everyone was dead, and the machine was gone. The first thing Phil thought was it was stolen but this was not the case. As he ran to the headquarters, he saw the machine on top of his boss, it must have come alive and built a body. It had a mouth-like thing it used to rip the throat out, also having claws to run and grip on to things, but he was too late, his boss was not alive. Then Phil realized that this had not been done by a man but a machine. Phil turned to run but as he was fleeing his elbow knocked over the test tube spilling a flammable gas. Phil had to get out now.

Suddenly as he was running down the corridor, he heard the sound of metal clanking with the floor. It was coming, he couldn’t stay ahead of it for long. Just as Phil turned the corner, he saw the guards. They had guns.

Phil shouted, “Help, it’s behind me.”

Just as Phil pasted the guards he could hear guns behind him.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

“Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh,” shouted the guards.

Then suddenly Phil could hear a grenade drop.


Just as Phil stepped out the building it went up in flames, but you could still hear it clanking on the floor. Phil could see the army coming but the machine was not giving up, it was chasing Phil down. He couldn’t escape this time…

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