Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The crash landing.

By Leo Guilbert, year 7, Grammar School

Two weeks after the crash, due to an unknown reason, Jonsey - the only remaining survivor - was still alive and trying to find food on an alien planet. The planet had no discovered land on it. After coming back from gathering food and resources Jonsey had a sudden distress call saying, "H-hello this is Ramirez, is anyone still alive? My life-pod is damaged and I'm stuck 101 metres down, I can't swim up send hel-----" After the line cut off Jonsey immediately set off the co-ordinates that he was sent. An hour later Jonsey found the life-pod empty with a huge bite taken out the side. All of a sudden a creature came out of a cave and charged at Jonsey. Jonsey turned and swam all the way home, stopping for oxygen every now and then. When Jonsey arrived back at his life-pod he started to research on the life-pod's on-board computer. Eventually Jonsey found out the creature's name, Stalker, it was large and swift with a long jaw to catch prey, it chewed on metal or rocks to sharpen its teeth. Jonsey went out for food and water before going to bed. The next day he thought that people might still be alive on the main ship, the Aurora! He then glanced over at the Aurora and he noticed the engine room was on fire! All of a sudden the Aurora started a series of explosions. Parts of the ship went flying everywhere, one landed next to Jonsey's life-pod, causing a tidal wave that sent the life-pod flying in the direction of the Aurora. It didn't make it all the way but it got closer. a lot closer. The next day Jonsey sent out a distress call to the nearest ships. He got a reply, not from a rescue ship...

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