Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The cookie book self

By Freya Warren, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

So if you bite Into the cookie you might end up in the apps books, then you go into the app imaginary land. Then you get to go on every single app in your lifetime including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix and many more. You have to bite into the right bit of the chocolate cookie because sometimes you can get nothing.

If you bite into Andy the pig's it will transport you into this amazing cool farm, where you get to see any kind of pig you like including the most beautiful pig ever or the weirdest, ugliest pig ever rolling around in mud .

If you are a Harry Potter fan try to bite into the top right of the cookie to go into the amazing Harry Potter world, where you get to see Harry Potter himself in his own bed. You even get to be him on TV in his imaginary world.

If you like food try to bite into the middle of the cookie, to get the KFC book, this is where you get to go to KFC and eat whatever you want, when you want, for free. It can't get better than that!

If you want to try and be at teacher then try to bite the right bottom of the cookie. If you do you get to be a teacher for free, plus you can pick if you want a well-behaved class or a naughty class. You get to pick the lessons, they can be exciting or boring.

Finally if you love animals try to pick the top one because you can be transformed into a frog, cat, dog, frog and many more lovely animals.

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