Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Cheesy Adventure

By Max Coutanche, year 7, Elizabeth College

Today I am going to tell you a story of three best friends, who went on a journey to somewhere magical…

Stilton, Wensleydale and Halloumi were three best friends, from well, obviously the cheese kingdom. Their quest was to visit all the districts and kingdoms, and they started with one quite greasy: THE MEAT KINGDOM. As they entered the barriers to this fun fat-filled world, they were put on hold and checked for hiding outsiders by the meat police captain Sizzles the sausage but soon their problem was gone, and they were finally free to explore the outside world.

Wading through the flooded fat lake they spotted an old friend Cornetto, who they called Corney. “Hey CORNEY!” yelled Halloumi.

“How are YOU?” Corney yelled back.

Well, that is too long to say what happened, so let’s go further to when they visited the ice cream kingdom…

So then finally they were there, the ice cream kingdom; the cherry lake, the Frozen mountain and of course, the sundae sofa.

“Urrm, I don’t really want to stay here,” murmured Corney.

“Okay well we could cross to the EMERALD CITY,” said Stilton, who if you didn’t know was the leader of the group.

THE EMERALD CITY was ‘crowded’, except that the EMERALD CITY, well, okay maybe it wasn’t, but the leaders needed visitors. So the leaders treated even the poorest of people as if they were royalty…

…But now the food government had made a cocoa pops river to hold off the emerald gladiators because the chocolate kingdom had reported aggressive actions from the emerald people, so they weren’t to be TRUSTED…

Luckily for the trio (plus one), the emerald people were asleep, so they were okay. The next day came, it was fun and very fine indeed. Fine Friday (good friday).

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