Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

the adventure for the soul...

By Darius Larkin, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

"NOOOOOO!!" screamed Goosetron. "A crocodile with donkey teeth has just stolen Moto Moto's soul." Could they get his soul back? Well, Goosetron knew one place called Soletronety, but there was one problem and that was the entire island was covered in crocodiles with donkey teeth, and they will kill anyone in their way; they will take their soul. But they know one way, and that is they use Goosetron's pet dragon to fly over to Soletronety. But it would be risky, because if they steal the dragon's soul, the dragon will turn on anyone and it might kill Goosetron and Moto Moto.

We need to set off soon because the side affects are really bad, like if they haven't had their soul for 12 hours they will not be able to do anything to anyone, and they have no feelings. Then, at 24 hours, they will try to attack everyone in their way. First of all they had to fly fourty thousand miles, which on a dragon will take two minutes because a dragon is the fastest animal on the whole entire universe. But there was one problem; they would have to wait four years for the dragon to grow, so they have to tame a wild dragon. They did this really easily and then they were on their way.

They finally arrived. There was more then they thought there would be, but they battled through with their diamond sword and wooden armour.

They got Moto Moto's soul he was back, but can they survive? They were surrounded.

Will they survive...?

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