Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Abandoned Islands

By Zakk Vokes, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

The Abandoned Islands are a group of small islands on the sea. They used to be inhabited but now it is deserted. The islands were filled with people, so many that it was hard to get around. There was a huge population of Puffins and even sometimes there were Sea Lions, and the residents loved them, but they were killed off as more people moved in to the islands. The islands became a no-go area after a giant tsunami that wiped out the islands and they were submerged in water for many months. All of a sudden, they were not submerged anymore after almost a year of the islands not being inhabitable. Many people tried to make houses on these islands, but there wasn’t any food available nor clean water. A few months after all of these people trying to build houses on the islands, a flying bus was spotted near the shoreline, picking up passengers and it went flying over the sea.

Somebody saw that people were jumping out of the plane and onto the islands which were completely deserted. Many people saw the same thing happen over a time period of a couple of years, but nobody knew what was actually happening. The islands which had a bigger population than Berlin, Paris, Iceland, Copenhagen, Milan, Warsaw, Helsinki and Detroit was hit by a tsunami which wiped out the five million residents, and then a flying bus drops off passengers which land on the islands. Everybody was confused, but nobody knew the secret about these islands...

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