Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By lucy Bradshaw, year 7, Les Beaucamps School

'Splash’ went Joni as she jumped into the pools at Lihou. The water flickered over the rocks we were jumping off. I jumped in but couldn’t see her anywhere. I felt something dragging me under and flashes of white light were coming from the floor. I was wondering where Joni was, her deep brown hair normally stands out a mile. It was like the water and sand were consuming me. After I emerged out from the sand tunnel it was like a different world, it was full of bright iridescent colours and mystical animals. I was floating like I had zero gravity, swimming through a sky full of stars.

I saw Joni, she was floating around looking completely disorientated. I swam over to her, we both had faces full of wonder and awe. What a magical place we had just discovered. A neon flash came from the corner of our new found world, we floated over to it. It looked like a bizarre type of seaweed producing hundreds of multi-coloured bubbles. Joni popped one, it made a tinkling note so we popped many of them to make a tune. We spotted one of the bizarre animals while we were ascending. It had one eye in the middle of the forehead and two strange ears that were bigger than its actual body. We started to feel a push on our feet and we knew what was happening. We had been down there for what felt like hours and we were wondering what my mum was going to say. We got to the surface and said to her, “Sorry we took so long, it’s hard to explain.”

She replied with a confused look, “What do you mean, you’ve only been a second?” Me and Joni just looked at each other and giggled.

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Battle bus island

By Finn Simon, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

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The pizza delivery

By Reece bourgaize, year 9, Les Beaucamps School

The pizza guy was dead to begin with. He was one of the best in the city. No-one knows how he died...

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My Flamingo

By Bethany Powell, year 9, St Sampson’s School

So here I am, Raj from the corner shop sitting in pure disbelief that me Raj am sat on a Tropical Paradise...

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Airport World

By Luke Le Cras, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

In my world the most of it is an airport. I have done this because I really like airports and planes.

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The wood of secrets

By Sam Romer, year 7, Elizabeth College

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Fossil Cove

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