Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Some Are Good... Some Are Bad

By Joe Stoller, year 7, Elizabeth College

I am on Galileo, the biggest planet in our solar system. Our system is made of three big planets connected to the small planet we call Loki. You may not know who I am, but all I can tell you is that I am a monster bodyguard, monster trader and a monster pilot, as you could be the enemy. I control a massive ship called The Sweeper. Its job is to stop our enemies destroying and taking over our planets. We call our enemies Bladderbombs. I am responsible for stopping the enemy from getting into our paths and crawling into our worlds, destroying our planet and ending our civilisation.

“Sir, Sir (panting), there is an enemy ship on the horizon, (wheezes) heading for our planets!”

“Alright everyone, action stations, let’s go!!” I said. “Get the sinettic nets in and loaded, the jets full blast, the STT missiles loaded, the guns ready and powered up and the Droid Cannons ready! Where’s the location, Bonce?”

Bonce is small and squat, he comes from Hence because he is a Sea Wart. But even with him, you can’t judge a book by its cover. “Jast outside of ze Criana graveetatsheenool pool seestem.”

“Thanks. Okay everyone! Listen up. We must put this piece of rusty metal towards where the Bladderbombs are!”

“Where are they, Captain?” said a triple-legged monster.

“They’re just outside of the Criana Gravitational Pull System. Okay everyone! Back to work. Arouse, Arouse!!! Get this piece of junk towards the Ebbyke Lite!! C’mon guys! Get this ship Into the Phabevis Phase now!!!!!”

Once we were there, we saw that this was no ordinary ship, this was The Hellcarrier, capable of charging its cannons and destroying a spaceship is one shot. We could only do one thing to damage it. “Summon the Droid Cannons!!!”

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