Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Secret Spy (Not so Secret)

By Morgan Mountford, year 7, Elizabeth College

So currently I am being chased by two old, fat and stupid police officers who keep running into toilet pipes as we run down the sewers that belong to the Queen of England.

“Ok so here is the plan,” said Tim “We are going to disguise ourselves as the guards of the main gate to get into the palace and steal the crown jewels”

“It won’t be that easy,” said Toby

“I know which you're doing won't be but why all of it ?”


“I thought in the plan it said WE, not ME”

“Yes, I know, and I have not made a mistake here, you're going to be partnered with Bobby a very good spy (Actually a really terrible one)”

At that very moment a small kid (around 4 years old) with burglar clothes on barged through the door and came and shook Toby’s hand.

“Hi,” said Bobby

“Well then,” said Tim

“Let’s go over the plan again shall-, “


“Well then let’s start….

Toby gave Bobby a “Piggyback” as they walked to where the clothes had been put. Bobby climbed down his back and onto the floor.

“There is no size for me,” said Bobby

“That’s because you’re so small”

Bobby kicked Toby in the shin, but he could only barely lift his foot up because he was so small.

“Look over there”

Toby pointed towards a sewer near the back of the palace, we climbed down it and headed to the crown jewels.

One the way their Toby lost Bobby. It turned out he took a short cut and had already and was waiting outside. I got out by breaking the door and that was when the two old fat and stupid policemen started chasing me.

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