Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Secret City

By Rubi Hutchinson, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Deep in the capital city of Sandi, two best friends join together to search for the secret city which hasn't been in use for 10 years. That's what they thought. Emma-Mai lived in the town of Riverdale a town of fighting, Her best friend Oscar lived in the town of Limington. His town is calm.Their island has rules which are no stealing, murder or bad mouthing the law. If they break the law they get prison time or rotten tomatoes thrown at them. This island usually has sunny weather, occasionally they have rain and in the winter they have snow. The people in charge is the government. Emma-Mai and Oscar were hanging out playing their favourite game tag when they heard a scream from behind the mountains. Oscar told Emma-Mai to stay there but a minute later Emma-Mai felt a cold, wrinkly hand touch her shoulder blade . It's now winter and ever since that day Oscar and Emma-Mai have been looking for secrets. One day they found a bottle with a note inside saying ' Over the bridge'. The note was scrunched up with burns in it. Another day passed and they went behind the mountains and saw that there was a broken bridge that looked really old and crumbly. The second they saw this they raced to the local supermarket and brought a dingy for £32.99. They raced back to the mounatin and blew up the dingy. Out of breath they raced to the other side of the water and found something amazing: a whole new city. The city was amazing. They had a massive castle, The king Bang Bang was in charge of the whole city. He thought they were intruders and sent the doughnut dogs after them and they went to the dingy back home.

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the triangle

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The wind howled and the waves crashed against the rocks, my hovercraft zipped over the north Atlantic..

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Under Threat

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His population was at its most vulnerable. The cerulean blue ocean was gradually beginning to rise a...

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Alien Land

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My world is a no rule world because it is run by Aliens meaning there is no punishments apart from a...

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The discovery

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It all started as a rather small pile of rocks with many animals, rivers, trees and luxurious plants...

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Adventure of a lifetime

By Marco McQuaigue, year 6, Elizabeth College

In 1936 a little boy named Sam was hanging out in his home. He was a very clever boy and the most popular...

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hoover victory

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Hoover victory Once a pouce a time there was a vacuum paradise and there was a very, very sad hoove...

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Chocolate Heaven

By Isla Aderson, year 6, Amherst School

Chocolate heaven “Oh look what you’ve done now Seb!” Exclaimed Dexter, “now we are lost.” “Stop...

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By Hannah Falla, year 5, Vauvert School

Welcome to Heartlake. Heartlake is a planet like Earth but it’s in a faraway galaxy. There are f...

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Aliens vs Humans

By Yaseen Kandili, year 5, Vauvert School

I was coming back from work. I stared at the traffic light. Just then I saw a creature not from our world.

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When The Darkeness Falls.

By Ella Ogier, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

Lucy Wolf. Your average teen, with a dark secret. Her chocolate curls to rough fur and deep cocoa...

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