Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

sea land

By declan wallace, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

It was a sunny day at the beach. There were fish and all other sea animals walking around everywhere. There were no people, sharks were drinking coke and the fish were drinking red bull. The fish and sharks invited everyone to a beach party for Bob because it was his birthday, so they invited the sea horses, Whale Shark,Basking Shark, Thresher Sharks ,Bull Shark ,Tiger Shark. All the sharks came, but no fish came because Bob had no friends so the only mate that Bob had was Armands the shark.

There was a great white called fin. Bob was a catfish. Bob tried to save his mate, but Fin the angry fat shark killed them both so Armands said "You killed Bob." Fin the angry fat shark said he wanted some food. Armands the beast shark went for a jog.

Fin said to Armands "look at that tasty fisherman over there." Armands said "I'm going for him." Then Armands went over there and the fisherman started to pat Armands, then he was nice to him but the beastie shark ate him and went to Fin saying" hahahahahaha, I ate him all up, and his family."

Fin the fat angry shark bit Armand's eye out, so Armands was a one eyed beastie shark. Armands went to the beach to get a sunbathe and got a red bull as well. Then Fin came over asking Armands what happened. Armands said to Fin "You're the biggest bully around in the ocean." Fin said "Well at least I have two eyes" so Armands said to Fin go away. Then Armands bit Fin's tail off.

Armands said to fin can we go get a drink to calm down fin said ok so armands brought fin and him a drink and they went off the end.

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