Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Ashley De La Rue, year 7, Elizabeth College

Yawn! Woke up feeling good, ready for breakfast got up went to the kitchen and got my favourite football mug and bowl. Football is easily my favourite sport as it is competitive, fun and even sometimes you must be sneaky when you fall to the floor because of an “unfair tackle”, you know what I mean. After breakfast I went outside to the beautiful place we live in which we proudly call RavenLoft. I trained hard today, it was my big day. I was getting a contract to Raven United! My favourite football team. I love training near home it feels like the place I live was made for me with half snow and half sand so having snowy trees also palm trees on the other half on the island with snow leopards who are cute and friendly. And with beautiful beaches with boiling water and a beautiful sunset 24/7. It was first game of football for Raven United you know what football is, right? What you think is football is probably different than we think it is, how we play is you pick the ball up and then you throw the ball in the goal. Simple Right?

So, I was sub for first half since I was new, that was expected it was tight 0-0 but luckily it was half time, we had a quick break and then me and my team sprinted back onto the pitch. I was playing front half, the position near the opposing goal. My team sprinted up the pitch with the ball tightly in grip, the ball suddenly came straight towards me, I knew I had to shine, I sprinted past the backfields, I was one and one with the goal-saver and I heard the crowd, “You’ve got this.” I shot, I scored. We won.

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