Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Elizabeth borman, year 7, Grammar School

"Rainer!" Zeus yelled. "How dare you betray me. Sneaking out of my home. I told you, you will get your turn to go out there. However as you think that you're to go to stay here, you can go out into the world for five days.Your quest will be to help the village of Jema, find a pink stone and avoid any distractions.If you complete this quest you can stop your training. However if you do not there will be big consequences when you come back."

Rainer's hair turned yellow as the bright sun emerged from the clouds. She disguised herself in old rags and clothes to fit in with the villagers. Zeus knew Rainer would complete his quest easily without distractions, so he sent Adonis to try to fall in love with her. Adonis found Rainer sitting quietly in the library reading a book. Rainer and Adonis talked until night, laughing with each other.

As Rainer fell in love, the village was a mess. Many house fires, deaths and just a lot of chaos.The pink stone still needed to be found and the clock was ticking. Zeus got frustrated at Rainer as he could no longer trust her as she had disobeyed his orders. Zeus sent a wooden box to the doorstep of the house she was living in. It had evil and good in it. The evil was not to help Rainer and destroy the village and the good was to help Rainer fall out of love. Finally the time had come when she opened the box. A bright glow came dashing out, it was good!

Suddenly Rainer fell out of her trace and started looking frantically for the pink stone. She looked in trees, bushes and everywhere she could think of but it wasn't there.She knew she was in trouble.She had to face the consequences and pay back her debt.....

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