Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Pugs take over the world.

By George De Garis, year 7, Elizabeth College

One day, there was a Pug called Jim. Now Jim was not one of those pugs that you said, “Ahhhhh such a cutie.” But if you ever called Jim that, he would attack. Because, Jim was going to take over the world, and no one was going to stop him. Now you may be wondering how on earth Jim was going to pull this of. His idea was to assemble his lad gangster pugs. There was Bill Pug Pug Daddy puggy and the tough guy in the gang… BOB. Now all these sick lads had to do was infiltrate the nearest water tower, fiddle around all the taps, open the valve that all the water runs through and empty millions and millions of dog biscuits into the water stream. This will dilute all the water into puggy pug pug water which is a rare form of water that when humans drink it, they will have their minds think like a pug, they will act like a pug, and

they will do whatever their leader tells them to. BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR GREAT AND ALMIGHTY LEADER, JIM. It was a great plan as you can see but there was one flaw, they had Paws not hands. But they would figure out that problem when they got there.After many hours of trotting along, they reached the water tower. First stage of the plan, knock. Night guard out. They all stacked one on top of each other and then waited for the night-guard to come out the door. As soon as he did, they bonked him on the head and they all went inside “ This is going on my sick Instagram” said Puggy pug face. Afer a while of head butting the Hatch, it opened and they poured in their biscuits, the world was transformed

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