Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Pig Island

By Millie Leadbeater, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

One night the pigs on Pig Island were having a big party in their massive muddy puddle. They were celebrating because it was the head pig’s birthday. His name was Pig-Pog and he was the fattest pig on the island. However, he was also the kindest pig and he looked after his fellow pigs extremely well.

The piggy pals were having such a great time because they knew now Pig Island would be known as a proper island because the head pig was now ten years old. But what they didn't know was, while they were in their muddy puddle celebrating and dancing, a group of sheep were approaching the island.

The head sheep didn't have a name but all the pigs called him Barbwire because he was so horrible and selfish. The mean old sheep wanted Pig Island all to himself and his stupid sheep followers. The island they lived on was full of plastic. And the grass was a horrible brown colour and tasted awful.

The sheep walked around the lovely Pig Island until they found the massive muddy puddle. When they approached, the music stopped and all of the piggy pals looked at Barbwire and all of the stupid sheep.

Pig-Pog stepped forward and said in his bravest voice. “Hello my friend how can I help you?”

Barbwire growled back, “Give me your island, Fatty Cake!”

Pig-Pog stayed calm and replied, “I'm not sure that would be possible, because Pig Island is now owned by me and I decide who has my island.”

Barbwire was not put off. “Who's gonna stop me?” he sneered.

“I'll tell you what, “ offered Pig-Pog, “ will just go and ask my friend Mooki, the border collie, what he thinks.”

“Don't worry, we're leaving now!” trembled Barbwire.

And off he ran.

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