Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Paradise Island

By Ollie Ferguson, year 7, Grammar School

I came up off the beautiful amber sand and saw my alluring cliff side mega mansion. It was sitting on the aluminium frame posing it over a 320 ft precipice. I took my Lamborghini up the twisty road to my not-so-humble abode. I arrived at the imposing entrance and turned left to the 100 car garage and parked it at the front.

“Ah” I was home in my exceedingly comfy ninety-seven seater sofa and turned on my 174.5ft plasma x curve screen TV. I was going to sort out my trip to Hawaii in the summer on my 980 ft super yacht.

“K.E.R.A” (my smart home robot) “start cooking my chocolate caviar for Auntie Rogerson."She was coming over tonight for a 9 course meal. “Knock knock” she was here!

Oh shoot I forgot to clean the house! I would have to go somewhere else. “Ahh hello Auntie Rogerson, i wasn’t expecting you for another hour, should we go for a walk?” I said politely. As we walked out of the house. I told K.E.R.A to clean up the house so she got straight to work buzzing busily around my messy, untidy house. We were going to go to the beach but she insisted on going to the top of downhill hill. Suddenly i got a buzz on my phone, IT WAS MYA! she was coming over as well. i'd messed up now! Oh God what was i going to do.

"Oh my, "I say. "Auntie Rogerson I have suddenly got a massive crave to go down the hill on my limited edition x-speed mountain bike." And with that I shot down the steep hill to get to Mya. I got down to my house but where was she? "AUNTIE ROGERSON" I always knew she was trouble!

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