Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

One world, Two parts

By Charlie Forshaw, year 7, Elizabeth College

The world has split in two parts held together only by a small rope that can be cut by one side. On one side is hunger and darkness but on the other there is richness and too much food.

“Should I cut the wire?” I thought. I could end up destroying the beautiful park of Apollo and the stunning architecture of the city, but I could end hunger and darkness on the other side.

“Help me!” screamed the Scaps (as we, the upper class call them) on the other side. Their screams made me want to cut the rope, then I looked behind me and I saw the people of the upper class so happy and my family. I couldn’t leave them; I knew I’d never cut the wire.

On the other side

It hurts to move, I’m so hungry, everybody is hungry, the only thing people can think about is food.

“There’s someone and he might cut the rope,” screamed the vicar who instantly received ripples of pain throughout his body and doubled over from his hunger. There was one problem: "we can’t die!" So we live in eternal pain forever unless the person cuts the rope. He looks like he’s about to.

“Nooo,” everyone screamed in unison because he turned away and saw his family. The only way we could convince him to cut the rope was to show him the pain we were in. Everyone seemed to have the same thoughts because we all started screaming in pain.

On the paradise side

“Now they’re screaming now,” I thought. Their screams seem real, from the heart. I moved the wire cutters towards the wire. It looks thicker harder to cut, the colours seem more menacing, they seem to be screaming.

“Don’t cut me, don’t cut me!”

I then…

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