Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

One dark stormy night

By bailey taylor, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

One dark stormy night there was a big granite house in the middle of the lime green maze that is in Wobbly Woods. Wobbly Woods is a place that there is a lot of wild life.

There is a family that lives in the woods, called the Taylor family.The Taylor family's favourite place to go is the bike park. The son, Bailey, is into a lot of biking.

Bailey's brother Bradley is into a lot of sailing. His favourite place to visit is Hairy Harbour. He has a massive cruise ship. He sails all the way around the island. He has another island that he owns, which is medium size and I have a bike park on the island.

My mum and dad's favourite place is the Loud Lake. They have a picnic there every Sunday. My mum has a shop in Tall Towers where she sells lots of diamonds. My family is very rich and my dad is a miner. He has a mine 20 minutes away from the volcano. He is a very old man in his 60's and he is not going to live for much longer, but my mum is still in her 40's and me and my brother are hoping my mum will still live for about another 50 years.

The next day my dad went to work and then my phone rang and it was my mum saying that there had been a Demon that had come out of the volcano and burnt my dad to ashes and he is dead.

The end.

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