Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Myrtle the thief

By Emily Pike, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Today I was at home and I was told to go upstairs at 6 o’clock! I hadn’t even had dinner yet. Well I snuck out. But my parents didn’t even know until they called up saying dinner was ready. They started to wander what was happening in my room so they came to my room but I wasn’t there. What I was doing was walking down the street to the bank getting ready to rob the bank. I wasn’t planning on how much money to steal, I knew it would be a lot. I walked in trying to look normal but I was looking suspicious but thankfully I was not spotted. I squeezed through the half open door to the safe room. I was shocked at the sight. There must have been hundreds and millions of money. No one was there guarding so I walked in. I grabbed handfuls and put it all in my bag and ran out. No one even noticed.

I walked home and my parents were staring at me not looking pleased. I forgot they didn’t know I left the house. I asked what was for dinner but they didn’t answer the question. What they did say was, 'GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM, YOU SCARED US WHERE WERE YOU?'

I just stomped up to my room with my bag full of money, I can’t forget that. I bought everything I wanted and more. My parents didn’t even realise until they looked in my room and it was full of super expensive stuff. They asked me and I said they gave me the money. They didn’t even believe me. Well it was true, well at least a bit of the money was theirs. I may as well have been kicked out the house because of my punishment.

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