Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

My Imaginary worlds

By Molly Staples, year 9, Castel School

“Do not go deeper than 47 metres,” the instructor barked, “ I repeat: do not go deeper than 47 metres. Your gear will let you know if you go deeper.”

Why 47 metres? What would happen if I went one metre deeper? Just one? What harm could it do?

Three. I gaze back at the instructor. He gives me the thumbs up.

Two. I take one last deep breath.

One. I leap forward.

It’s a whole new world under here. The immense vast rocks keep me contained. Everywhere I look, there’s new life that I have never seen before. In every nook and cranny there’s even more to explore: Seaweed dancing all around; Coral reef standing so still like a soldier; Fish scales glimmering like a shooting star. Suddenly, I remember: I must not go deeper than 47 metres.

I fiddle with my oxygen tank. I’ve already been down here for half an hour. It feels like I’ve been down here for a lifetime. What more could possibly be down here? I go deeper and deeper…


Like lightning, I dart a look at my oxygen tank. I’ve reached the deepest you can go, 47 metres.


It’s harder to breathe. Gasping for air, I push on.


What would happen if I went one more metre deeper?


I spot something.


I swim straight down.


I take a final glimpse back up. I take my final breath.

I blink back to the past.

“Do not go deeper than 47 metres. I repeat. Do not go deeper than 47 metres. Your gear will let you know if you go any deeper.” The instructor barked.

Why 47 metres? What would happen if I went one metre deeper? Just one? What harm could it do?

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