Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

My Flamingo

By Bethany Powell, year 9, St Sampson’s School

So here I am, Raj from the corner shop sitting in pure disbelief that me Raj am sat on a Tropical Paradise Island where the natives think I am King!

The sun is glazing and the water is as clear as glass, my brightly coloured sun lounger is positioned right on the shimmering water’s edge with my own bar close to me. It has the biggest buffet and a variety of ice creams and cocktails then my shop. Who would have thought that little old me would awake from an afternoon nap in the stockroom to be here in paradise!

The natives are very attentive and nothing is too much trouble. I constantly pinch myself. Is this is a dream? But the bruises would suggest not.

I decide to examine my Kingdom; my civilians summon my Coral Flamingo. As I ride upon my Flamingo, I come across an unusual looking Giraffe, I think I have seen this before. It looks familiar to me and then I realise I created this monstrosity of a beast in my younger years.

I sprung off my Flamingo onto the dusty path that leads to my modern Mansion which was painted Neon Yellow, surrounded by a 3-foot-deep moat the colour of mouldy strawberries.

Within my Mansion was a Go Kart Track and an escalator to a Water Park. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to maintain the whole Mansion without the help of my Umpa Lumpas.

I hurl myself back over the body of my Flamingo and set off to greet my neighbours. Next door is a disintegrated looking shack of which the occupier is a two-foot Gorilla who has hands the size of an Elephant's left ear.

As I enter the shack I have an eerie feeling inside my tummy about what I may find………….

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