Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Muffin Time Place

By Abbie Perkins, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

It all began on a windy day by the sea. Princess Vanilla Bean was walking across the sand with her best friend, Alison Perkins, when suddenly a indescribable creature. It looked like a crab but had the body of a rock.

"What could this creature be?" asked Alison

"It looks like a crab" said Vanilla bean "but it has the shape of a rock"

They tried to look it up on their Muffin Pad but unfortunately they had no service so they ran back to Muffin Time palace to tell the Mayor of Muffin Time Place that they had found a rare creature on the beach. He said that it was rather peculiar to find this sort of animal on a beach. What could it be? a rock? a crab? a crock? They told the Mayor to come and see for himself. They all started rushing back but when they got there the creature was gone. All that was there was a tall dark man wearing all black. The tall dark man mumbled

"Well hello there. You must be the mayor."

"why yes i am, and who are you ?"

" I am Dark Bug and I have come to steal your Jewels from Muffin Time Palace"

"No, you can not do that for I, Mayor of Muffin Time Place, will not let you steal my jewels."

Suddenly, Dark Bug had disappeared into the day and the mayor had started worry.

" Why would he do this to me. I have not done anything to him!"

"He is probably just jealous of you" reassuring The Mayor of Muffin Time place. Luckily, They had managed to catch the Dark Bug before he got there. The Mayor’s Jewels were safe and everyone else was safe. And they all lived happily ever after.

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