Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Mountain Land

By Thierry Le Cheminant, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

My island was found by a sailor called Thierry. He sailed across the island, when he was sailing there was a massive storm and he used the island for shelter. He moored up his boat on an abandoned pontoon in what was a massive harbour. He started to explore the abandoned island and found a shed with a modified Suzuki Jimny, he started the Jimny up and started to explore the world. He phoned his friends and family and told him about the island, he told them they should visit and they could make this into the best island around and make loads of money.

His friends and family brought all of their stuff with them and sold their houses. They brought their friends and materials to build the island up. They had a big carrier boat to bring all of the goods over. They used the boat often to go back and forth and get their materials. Eventually the island was finished being built in 2025. That meant it was 25 years of hard work to get the island done but they did it. They made a website and adverts so people would come over. They had built loads of apartments with en suites that weren’t very expensive. By the time a year had passed the island already had 1,000 people.

The tourism on the island is amazing, and in the winter, and summer holidays it is rammed with people.

More and more people come back each year. Cruise ships visit throughout the year in the boating year and every year there is a boating race which lasts two days. There is a 4x4 competition in the summer and there’s a lot of contestants that turn out, the most popular is the boat race each year.

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