Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Lost in Space

By william brooks, year 8, Les Beaucamps School

Jax woke up to find his crew unconscious and his ship in an uncontrollable spin; he felt dizzy as he stood up and stumbled over to his control panel, struggling to see through the dim lighting. He gazed around and saw panels ripped from walls; his crew strewn across the room and sparks flying from computer components and wires. He pulled up the flight controls on the control panels and slowed the spin to a manageable speed, not wanting to waste fuel. He started a scan of the ship to see any damages caused by the event that happened prior to his trance-like state.

Once the scan was complete it showed the engines damaged beyond repair and life support systems out of action. His conclusion was that they were hit by an asteroid whilst going at full speed, knocked into a spin that sent everyone onboard into unconsciousness. He shook Adam, his first mate, awake and reached for the medical supplies.

His first mate woke to a dizziness and a searing pain in his leg. Jax saw the expression on his face and immediately asked, “Are you okay?”

Adam cried out in pain, “No! I think my leg is broken!”

Jax quickly injected nanobots into his leg to fix it up. They cracked and crunched as they worked. After waking the crew from their unconsciousness, there was an alert on his wrist communicator showing the air levels steadily but quickly dropping.

“Oh no…” he thought, his heart racing.

There… was.. a… leak...

He immediately called to abandon ship, sprinted for the escape pod with Adam, leapt in and boosted away.

There was a problem though… the ship exploded and sent out an electromagnetic pulse. They were stranded.

They were lost in space...

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