Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

linked worlds

By Joel Nicolle, year 8, Les Beaucamps School

The trees waved in the calm winds and the sun smiled upon the thousands of acres of forests and lakes surrounded by vast mountains. The calm moving waters smiled back at the sun and went on their way down the stream. The trees block out a lot of the sun, so it lays pretty shady in the forest which provides protection from the scorching heat. Many small creatures linger in the protection of their homes and only emerge at night.

A small bo,y who goes by the name of Cooper, also lurks in this forest and enjoys playing with the wild life, which includes a few friendly wolf packs and even some of their pups. Cooper isn’t the only human in the forest or at least wasn’t as he usually rests in a small tribal village whose previous occupiors have left in somewhat of a rush. From what’s left behind Cooper has taught himself to fish, hunt and how to live off the land.

To many this would be a perfect life to live but Cooper finds it rather lonely and feels like he needs to find a companion to help him through life. One who can teach him and aid him on his journeys.

As Cooper now lies in a makeshift hammock, he wonders if there's anyone outside of the forest. But as he is thinking, he ignores what’s going on around him and just about manages to hear some sort of creature outside the hut, but it’s too late.

“Hello,” said Cooper with a shaken voice. The creature replied with action and launched itself full force through the hut and at him.

Breathing, moving, heart still pounding. I am alive, thought Cooper. However, that wasn’t entirely true for he was lost in a place of the dead.

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