Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

John Orange's First Adventure

By Louis Ingrouille, year 9, Elizabeth College

It was a windless, gorgeous day; John Orange was flying his ship: the Albino. It was an enormous and noteworthy ship, capable of destroying the most powerful of Alien creatures. John Orange was Captain and had 300 crew on board the Albino.

Suddenly, the systems failed, and he tried to brake but it wasn’t working. It was clear that he was going to crash on a planet. A fire started and John backed away from it as quickly as he could. A fire extinguisher flung itself at his head. He blacked out…

When he woke up the fire had stopped, and he noticed that his feet were wet. There was only a small pool of water and there was no apparent reason why the fire had stopped. Wearily he looked around; the ship didn’t look as big as it did before. “That’s it!” he shouted in a booming voice that surprised himself. “I’m in a lifepod.” He climbed the ladder and opened up the hatch to get out. He stood on the pod and was shocked at what he saw. Nothing but ocean. He was mostly surprised as there was no sign of the Albino.

He decided to go back in the pod and look at his onboard radio. Seeing there was a message on it, he played it; a transmission came through that was muffled, but he could still make out what they were saying.

“This is commander Napoleon of the ship the Albino. I have sent this message to every pod that launched from the ship. I have information regarding where we are. We are on the planet Galicia, also known as pl- wait, no! Stop!

Lost connection to message, please retry later.”

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