Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Isle Of Caves

By Eilidh Simpson, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

Once upon a time there was a strange island which got the nickname Isle Of Caves. It was discovered by penguins that got caught in a storm and washed up on a bay of the island. However the humans that lived on the mainland sent all the evil creatures to Isle Of Caves for them to live away. It is called Isle Of Caves because there are many caves scattered around the tiny island.

Now there are five different types of creatures living on the Isle, and now the penguins were forced to move from the island to a different island now called Penguin Island, a smaller island right next to Isle Of Caves but Penguin Island still has lots of caves.

On Isle Of Caves lived a gang of goblins witch lived on the north West Point. The yeti lived in a cave in a mountain surrounded by a frozen lake on the north east side, the demons lived in there demon hideout on the west side, the evil gnomes and gnome king on the south west side, the witches lived in a potion cave on the south east side and finally treasure cove the secret cave that no one knows about it’s on the south side on cove bay it hides hundreds of of mysterious treasures inside.

One day there was an enormous storm on the Isle, all the penguins huddled together in there caves. Suddenly a polar bear and its cub washed up on cove bay and quickly shuffled into treasure cove they stayed there till the storm past. The next day the polar bears swam to Penguin Island and made a deal with the penguins that if the polar bear showed them treasure cove that the penguins would let them stay and live with them.

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