Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Harry Hodgson, year 7, Grammar School

I was just having a bounce on Jelly plaza when I heard it. The noise was threateningly loud. I started sprinting immediately.

“Hey Chupa, What is goin’ on?”

“I’m not sure, I know its not good though,”


All of a sudden Chupa vanished so did Percy Pig!

Then I saw it. 400 helicopters came out of nowhere. The mysterious people inside dropped their ropes. Something was about to happen, I could feel it. I was yanked backwards off my feet.

“How are You!”

“Sorry sir but that classified information,” Replied the ice cool voice.

I woke up. My nose was twitching like hell. I could tell something was irritating me. I thought it was my broccoli allergy but they were banned in Tarty world. Wait….. I wasn’t in Tarty land.


“You ain’t gettin’ no help little boy,” came the same ice cool voice.

I started to panic. My blood rushing to my head. Bum Bum. I tried to break free but my hands were tied with strawberry laces. Then it clicked. The mysterious man was Broccoli! This was ground breaking news. This was all coming true. Chupa vanishing, the loud bang. It was an INVASION! This is extremely bad. The last time an INVASION happened was way back in 1894 when the island

was under construction. Almost everybody died. It was a massacre. I could not let this happen again. My people needed saving, but how? Then it hit me. No it literally hit me, a fork.

I instantly started sawing at the strawberry laces. As fast as a Cheetah, I darted towards the exit.

“You can run but you can’t hide, little boy,”

I dashed out of the hell like place but I was surrounded by armed broccoli. This was the end .


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