Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Imaginary World

By josh beasley, year 8, Les Beaucamps School

One normal day I was playing rugby and I had a hard hit to the head, and I got a concussion.

I woke up in a different world, I had this phone that only had Amazon. It was like I could have anything for free. I got picked up by a monkey in a Range Rover. He/she took me to this mansion with 10 garages with super cars and motocross bikes that weren't even out. I looked around and there was a motocross track and a supercross track. I was only 13 and I couldn’t drive, I had all this land but why?

A couple of days went by and everything was fine until the monkey’s son went missing. We were looking everywhere but we couldn’t find him, it was getting dark so we went back to the mansion and there was a letter that said, “I have your son, if you want him you have to kill his mum.” So we went to him with his grandad who was 167 years of age. He gave him back to us but he killed his son anyway.

A week later, we went to his son's funeral and sang in a monkey language.

Finally I was awake and everything just didn’t feel right. I told my mum and she didn’t believe me but I guess I will never know.

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