Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Ben Mills, year 9, St Sampson’s School

Bang! “Quick Johnny run!” Bang “ quick in here” there’s à screech a screech as the door of the bunker closes behind them. “That was close” said Mac whilst out of breath. “I’ll get you, you little vermin’s” crocked the old man. Locking the door, Mac felt relieved that they had survived an old man with his German shepherd being chased through the eerie forest. Mac and John crawl through the space into their secret tunnel system. They live in a underground city where everyone knows each other and trusts one another. The deep bunker was once used by Germans and is now being used as a fallout shelter since the government launched the nukes. What was once a nice life that they were living is now a ghost town left in wrecks. Trees are barley clinging onto life and food is scarce. Me and John slung our rifles in the rack and reloaded our weapons. In the bunker there were thousands of jobs like weapon buildings and grave diggers. Only the other week, I watched the Gorges take my father, I couldn’t save him but I was left with the scars of seeing him being skinned alive and his blood curdling screams suddenly die out. We have to create BIO food and rarely find animals or any source of meat. ‘Vrooom’ the fighter jets fly over us as the Gorgs go and retake land in the other plants orbiting us. I clutch my father knife which reminds me of his heroic action saving my life and giving his. I wish that it was me who was dead not him.

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