Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Goodies galore

By Kyra Collins, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

In my world everything is made of food because of a storm which came to be when global warming took a hit for the worse and had dramatic and not normal weather which resulted in this. In this world there is a Forbidden Forest of sweets and candy and who ever enters the forest gets eaten by the giant cheeseburger spider.

There are only five people who got stranded on the island due to a shark attack on their boat.They have only been here for a day or two, however, one of the visitors has diabetes and their sugar levels are very low. So they have no choice but to wander into the forbidden place of candy. But they do not know about the horrors that lie ahead. so they plan to find out more and quick!

The land of candy holds a dark secret which people have tried to get to the end of but were not successful and stomach churning secret still awaits to be discovered. However, there is so much good in this world like the fact that everything is made out of food, such as eight foot avacados and giant cupcake mountains with icing as snow. There are beaches made out of milkshake and crunched up biscuits. The law in this world is not to go prancing into the forest and not to eat the animals which live there, such as chocolate monkeys and doughnut birds.

This world holds pink dragons which blow rainbows and the clouds are made of candyfloss. The trees have chocolate leaves which are white chocolate and turn milk chocolate in the winter. Although this world seems lovely, the ground is made of chocolate which is slowly melting away due to hot weather and global warming and this word will eventually cease to exist.

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