Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Good Vs Bad Isles

By Ruby Tetlow, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

Good vs Bad Isles is just off the coast of Animal Isles. Our two leaders are Satan, leader of Bad, and Gabriel, leader of good.

These two islands are pretty much going head to head trying to make the other island bad or good but there is quite a story behind these islands, the good place used to be bad and the bad place used to be good.

Nobody is quite sure how this happened as the old bad place was absolutely dreadful and many people couldn't bear to live there. Anyway, this is pretty much heaven and hell so when people died a man from the good island, named Sebastian, would decide which island they should go to depending on their past life.

Enough about that I can tell you some highlights of Good and Bad islands.

Good island is honestly lovely, the weather is always sunny and there's usually a big, bright rainbow in the sky and the whole island is filled with joy. Some of the food selections are any flavour Frozen Yogurt you like, doughnut factories, McDonalds because who doesn't want one in the after life? You all get your own house based on what you liked in your time on earth.

Bad Island is dreadful. Everybody gets tortured. It goes from something little, like patting a snake to being hung upside down over a pit of lava. The weather is always raining and thundering. Its really not nice at all. Then the only source of food there is raw meat or bugs. I would hate it. They have so many torturing devices, too many to list. They are trying to make the good place bad and it's very slowly working. Satan is very strong and we can't hold back much longer we need your help!

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