Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Aimee Lilley, year 7, Grammar School

Dave had grabbed Jayson by the hand and started sprinting to what Dave had found. Jayson had no idea where Dave was taking him. But then all of a sudden something was peculiar. The whole place around them had changed! Dave had taken Jayson through this magical door and then, to end up here. Jayson was extremely confused. After they had looked around for a while Jayson stopped and gasped.

"What's that?" shouted Jayson.

What they had bumped into was a hole in the side of the hill with a massive rock over it. But before they could go look there was a voice.

"open sss open."

They had to hide so they ran behind some trees. They had seen this monster with a snake head,human body and bear feet but as soon as he left they said to the rock "open sss open" and it opened so they ran inside.

They had been looking around for a while until they had heard the words again "open sss open."

Immediately they hid in very fragile vases. But Dave must have had some allergic reaction to the vase and had sneezed and fell over in the vase to then see the monster.

"I am Glytherin, and what brings you here!" exclaimed Glytherin.

He started sprinting at Dave just until Jayson broke out and found this shiny, metal sword and swung right at his head and off went Glytherin's head. Glytherin had this necklace on him that they took just in case that's what gave him power. Dave and Jayson were astonishingly proud of what they had accomplished.

"Time to go back?" questioned Jayson.

"Yes let's go home!" replied Dave.

They both scurried off back home and had some rest from their adventure.

"It was very fun!" they both exclaimed.

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