Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Glass heart

By mae matthews, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Once upon a time there werefour people on an abandoned island called Glass Heart island. There were no leaders of the island. They where all in charge and they worked as a group, but sometimes they would have their arguments.

One day Ruby and Mae where walking down to forgotten forest. Ruby has short brown hair, dark brown gloomy eyes, button nose and kind lips. She had a bit of a tan but she would spend more time exploring the island with her best friend Mae who has brown to blond hair, hazel eyes, button nose and warm shaped lips Ruby liked exploring and she was always the fun one but Mae was the gloomy one and she always wanted to be inside, Mae always stayed happy though for Ruby and they would go out exploring with Sam and Erick. On their way to forgotten forest they heard a noise coming from the bushes. Mae started pulling back but Ruby just wanted to go in and see what it was.

Erick and Sam were at the house ready to set of to southside when they heard a massive scream. It was the girls sprinting back from the forest. They ran into the boys’ house and hid in the bathroom. The boys ran upstairs and asked "what are you doing get out of our house?" Erick and Mae went to southside together and noone knew they where going out Sam always said "youare going out with Mae for sure!" but they kept it a secret. Erick has brown curly hair with brown chocolate eyes with sun kissed skin and warm lips. Sam was the same just with black straight hair and he had a bit of an attitude to him. Mae and Erick headed back home and Sam and Ruby where arguing so Mae and Erick went to Ruby and Mae’s house. Someone had robbed their house

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