Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Friday the 13th

By Hugo Le Clerc, year 7, Elizabeth College

Friday the 5th of November


“Yeah, what do you need?” I replied to my brother, "I’m still floating mid-air."

“Could you pass me a towel?”

“Sure,” I yelled back, then grabbed a towel and handed it to him, awkwardly reaching around the door, not looking myself.

“Why do you need me to get a towel? You can turn invisible!”

“Well yeah, but…I didn’t want to. Thanks.”

Then the earth started to shake and move then we fell, not far, but we fell

“I’ll go see what it was” I shouted and went to the crystal that kept our house floating and saw that it was now orange and fractured. I went back to Tim and told him about it.

We agreed to set off the next morning. But until then I had a swim in an intergalactic swimming pool and nearly drowned because of ‘reasons’ and ended up staying in the pool. We slept in for a few days and it was the 13th of November.

We set off on our journey thinking that we could make it if we went through the sacred woods, trying to get our house back in flying form - literally.

It was a tough journey through the forest. I nearly drowned again - but we made it out alive, though hearing Donald duck shriek as he died I don’t know. We were in flying form and at the place where we needed to get the crystal, but there was an ogre who scared me a bit and I was so scared Tim knocked him out and murdered him. Then his brother came and in one foul swoop killed us both before reviving his brother and making the house fly - then I drowned.

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