Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Tanner Austin Austin, year 8, Elizabeth College

“Good luck, mate,” is what I murmured to TJ as he wondered off to hunt into the hazardous and unnerving wilderness of the Fragothian forest, smiling back at me. It felt like another normal day in Fragothia whilst I listened to the soothing sound of the crackling fire as I watched my friend emerge himself into the unknown. I again admired the view around me with all the skyscraper-like trees and the jagged peaks of the beautiful white mountains behind them. I really felt an inner peace which is not always found in a place so foul and fair and it really moved me.

But of course, it was short lived as I heard the bark of the terrifying hounds and the shouts of the Tefs cheering them on. Instinctively, I grabbed my spear and leaped up to the mystical tree house like an ape and waited to anguish these beastly beings. As the enemy neared, I readied myself and prepared to fight for my life. It seemed like every creature was awoken and the sound was like a natural orchestra on full volume. The danger caused the adrenaline in my body to go through the roof and my heart was pounding like it never had before.

Ba bum! Ba bum! Ba Bum! Extra fear was added to this as it seemed that the dogs had picked up my scent.

“Impossible!” I whispered to myself a little too loud. The dogs furthered their search and it seemed as if they were staring right at me. I looked behind just to check I wasn’t being circled and that’s when it hit me like a high-speed train. They were staring at TJ!

Words cannot fully describe a rage so bitter and vile especially when that rage was in a dream...

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