Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Forgotten Forest .

By Shanaya Hicks, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

Everything had changed in Sugar Island. Down in Forgotten Forest by Coco Galaxy river there was a evil troll gang who were dark, gloomy and sad . They hated every bit of Sugar Island because it was all bright and happy . Their plan was to destroy it all especially the biggest bit of the island, the Cadbury Coast ,where they were planning to destroy first and kill anyone that got in their way . About a week and a half later, Mia the troll decided she would be first to leave the forest . Later that day she headed out to Cadbury Coast and came across a Range Rover with two people inside and an animal. James Charles , Snelly Jake and Mia jumped underneath the car and lifted it up. Mia threw it off the cliff and killed them then she got a sledge hammer and tore down everything around the area.The next place for them to destroy was Ashbourne Stables Darius wanted to make that area dark and sad so he decided to go. First of all he put all the horses in a cage and locked them up and chucked them in the back of a van then burnt down the stables and ran off very happy . By now the rest of the trolls were fed up and wanted everything to be destroyed so all went out together. Jake and Jay were sunbathing on the beach when Alfie the troll and his dog Shaggy came. They both had huge guns and shot them both, then they shot Emma , Taiya and Elise . Theo T and Darius ran to the other side and shot any animals they could find . Then they all went back to the forgotten forest and died alone.

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