Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Firebreak Ops

By Floyd Johns, year 7, Les Beaucamps School

I’ve just been logged on as Dingy12345 and I’m leaping into a game called Black ops 4. It’s quite an intense game to be honest. Now I’m in the lobby loading into a round called domination,the gun that I will be using as a saug which has a magazine of 36 per round and 4mm bullet size, my extra attachments is grip and a laser sight (which both help with aim.)

I’m landing in Nuketown on domination and I’m Firebreak and my scorestreaks (the things when I get a lot of kills without dying) are a UAV a attack chopper and a strike team.Nuketown is quite a small map with houses of either end of the playfield with buses in the middle, the map is snowy and has a secret for a scorestreak called wraith with is a little car which you can detonate next to opponents, so it’s a little back alley where you can sneak into there spawn and sneak attack them.

Now I’m landing giong in for the first area with no one to contest me so I capture the point, then I head upstairs so I can look out the window of the building and scout out the people rushing our flanks and then I see one trying to take our objective so I scope in and get the kill then push forward to middle point and take that point while taking out to more opponents. And that’s the round win.

The start of round to I use radioactive to kill two opponents then I have my ultimate which is… FLAMETHROWER which is going to be huge for a team push but instead I flank the team and get all 6! And then take the second round and get the map ‘win yay!’

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