Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Father like Son

By harry gill, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

John screamed "Noooo!" as his dad took his own life to protect John from the Shakelstone army. Luckily John only just made it out alive with one arm and one leg.

Two years later, John still remembers that day he almost died. He tries everyday to get it out of his head by spending time with his wife and kid. John works for the army and he's going to work to have a meeting about his promotion. John has been working for the local army for around 20 years, he has been in many wars and has always been the first in and last out, that was his motto. He has been noticed by the chief and is now going to become the chief.

"John, welcome to the chief's head office where you'll be spending most of your life!" shouted Chief Watts.

"Thanks, Chief. By the way, turn your hearing aid's on," said John.

"Hh!" shouted Watts.

"Here let me do it for you," John shouted pulling the chief's ear turning them on. "Thanks CHIEF you start tomorrow! See you then!" shouted chief, "Bye."

"Right! We shall face the Shackelstone army next week. They have stolen all our food, our water and our electricity!" shouted Chief John.

The war.

John's son came along with John's army. His son was 18 and wasn't skilled but the army was 1 short so he had to come along to fill the gap. His son was called Tim and he hadn't even been to war so it's his first time ever.

John and Tim were the last 2 out of 500 men, they were up against the Shackelstones chief, he was the most powerful, he had rocket arms, he shot .... and John jumped in front of his son and saved his son's life by taking his own. Just like his father.

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