Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Billy Nicholson, year 8, Grammar School

“OW!” I squealed, as I desperately wriggled and squirmed in the chair. The wizards roared with laughter once more.

“He’s helpless,” the wizard mentioned to his counterpart. They glanced at me again, and, with one swift rotation, marched off through the enormous door. I looked on at their long silver robes as I disappeared into darkness.

Yes, that's how I remember it.

I gazed off into the inky sky and focused on each star impersonating a grain of salt sprinkled onto a wooden table. The bleak wind caught my face as I felt goosebumps crawl up my arm. Longing for home, I lifted myself off the coarse sand and set off towards the mountains.

The summit came into view as my circuitous journey, that lasted hours, potentially days, had ended.

But the journey had only just begun.

I trekked between the altitudinous spires of rock that peered down at me and experienced the same sharp wind as before. Barren and steep, the colossal rocks loomed like the wizards did over me, and the wind like their cold breath running down my neck. The face of the mountain became increasingly distorted and twisted, much like the wizards' complexion. I quivered with fear, as the glistening water running down the side of the mountain looked much like the robe of a wizard and with this, vaguely remembered their malevolent smiles plastered on their faces.

An anxious yet relieving feeling overwhelmed me, as the goosebumps briskly jumped from my arms and the heat ran through to the tip of my fingers. The pounding of my heart had finally come to a halt and, surprisingly, a small smirk appeared.

Not that the smile lasted for very long.

“Hello,” whispered a cold, chilling voice, as I felt four spindly fingers rest on my shoulder.

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