Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Dream World

By milly taylor, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

Dream World is an island off the map and very few humans know about it, the only way you can get in is by invitation from one of the llamas, Bob, Gareth and Gerry. Each llama selects one family every week and this week was my family. I'm Zoe Mendaya, I'm 13 years old. I love living here, anything you dream of comes true but if you disobey the rules you get sent to Evil Bay. The only two rules are no evil stuff and no bringing people back from Evil Bay. There are ten clouds in the sky, they control what we eat, for example for pudding last night I had a chocolate cake oozing with fudge sauce and drizzled in milky cream topped with fresh strawberries, it was delicious. But my favourite thing here is Fun Bay, you can do everything there. I'm watching a movie tonight and I dreamt of having popcorn and coke and it has happened. I got selected by Gerry, he is a big softy even though he acts stern. All the llamas live underground, that's why the invitations come up from the roots and the great tree named Gracie delivers the invitations, she is really kind and she explains everything, she has big pretty eyes and a soothing voice that makes everyone happy. The llamas are always watching so behave, they could be looking at you.

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The Magic Bucket

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Lost and found

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the adventure for the soul...

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The half boneless man

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The death trap

By Evie Burtenshaw, year 6, Notre Dame School

The forest was so beautiful and calm. It has that Christmas smell and all that lovely holly.

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