Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Elisabeth Gardiner, year 9, Grammar School

"NOOO!" I yelled, tears rushing down my face. I screamed so loud that when I stopped, the echo of it still ricocheted around the cave for five seconds.

I lay there, tightly curled up in a ball weeping and weeping. They've taken him. They've taken my best friend. They've taken a chunk of my heart. While no good could come of me crying, I couldn't bring myself to leave the cave without Charlie, so I just lay there still, staring at the entrance to the cave watching the rain gush down the cracks.

I woke up when a ray of sun struck my eyelid, I had almost forgotten about what happened yesterday until I sat up and saw the empty sleeping bag opposite me. I had to do something, save Charlie, save a great friend.

I know the cyclops must have come at sunset whilst I was hunting for food and Charlie was making a fire. This means that the creature and Charlie must only just be back at the Cyclops’ Camp, an island in Skull Lake, for it takes 12 hours to get there from here at Cave Cove.

They’d taken Charlie because of his father, who was a great man and he’d attempted to destroy all dark from our island of light vs dark and to do so you had to kill all the cyclops. He managed all until the last, where unfortunately, he never made it back from Skull Lake. So for revenge they’d come for Charlie.

I have to leave now if I am going to make it back before dark, so I picked up my backpack, packed it with food and water, collected my spear and hoped with all my heart that Charlie was safe. I then stepped out into the burning sunlight.

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