Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Coco's Adventures

By Charis Merrien, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

“Ouch!” cried Coco, as a nut hit her on the back of the head. “Those pesky squirrels are at it again," she thought. The squirrels were all sat on top of the Meeting Center Tree being really lazy and wanting Coco to do their work.

“What do you want!?” Coco shouted angrily, who was normally a quiet friendly little bear.

“We just want some water from the mystery well, but I’m terrified of the wobbly bridge,” replied Pumpkin, one of the younger squirrels.

“Okay, just for you.” So off Coco trundled to get the water. There were two bridges you had to go over, but the second one was the worst. After she got the water she slowly plodded back to the squirrel hideout, when she started thinking about the numbers that were carved into the stone on the side of the well.

“I’m back,” called Coco, her voice echoing around the tree. “I have one question, what do the numbers on the well mean?”

“Oh, the numbers. The numbers are coordinates,” replied Buttercup.

“For what?” asked Coco.

“For the mystery cave,” blurted out Pumpkin “Oh! I shouldn’t have said that! Arghhh!”

Coco was really intrigued at what they were talking about so she followed the coordinates and ended up at really tall grass. The grass was green and luxuriously soft. It was covering the entrance of the cave, but Coco didn’t know that. She was really confused because she couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, she heard a rustle and stepped forward.

Magically, she was inside the deep dark cave. Bats whirling around her head. Her feet surrounded by cockroaches scuttling around. She wanted to try and scare them away with a huge roar but nothing came out of her open mouth. Immediately she heard a deafening noise...

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