Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Cece's Diary

By Jasmine Peach, year 8, La Mare de Carteret School

Hi my name is Cece. Today I went on the most dangerous journey of my life (which is only 10 years). So, let me take you back 24 hours.

So, I was on the green burger (where I am normal). I turned around and my chocolate bar was GONE! But I could see some crumbs so I followed them to a hole. I looked inside and I saw… a baby bird! It was so cute.

Wait a minute, animals aren’t allowed to be in Doof parish. I had to take it back to the zoo. Well this bird needed a name, Sam or Billy…squawk.. so Billy is your name.

I had never been to the zoo before but my step-mum has on a work trip. Wait a minute, I was talking to a bird (I felt so embarrassed).

I could feel something breathing on my back, it couldn’t have be Billy, he was flying in front. I went to turn around but just before I could scream something scooped me up... It was a GIRAFFE!

“Hello Giraffe can you help me and my friend get to the zoo?” “Just go left and walk for five minutes and you should be there,” he said in a very squeaky voice.

Off me and Billy went.

We are here now Billy, off you go. I was just about to say goodbye and he was gone, I think he was with his girlfriend. “BYE Billy”!

Now I had to go home. It was very dark and very scary. I couldn't remember which way to go, I took a right then I took a left I felt like I was going around in circles and circles and circles. Then I saw a light, I went closer and I saw the weirdest thing ever. BUT THEN BLACK!

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