Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Book of azure

By Jayden Garnham, year 8, St Sampson’s School

It began as a high pitch clicking noise, quite enough not to wake Jayden, but loud enough to hear where it was coming from. It was loudest near a old notebook, the notebook Jayden had inherited from his grandfather after he passed away. It was getting louder. Suddenly Jayden woke up startled, he hadn’t been getting a very good night sleep these last few days, he felt obligated to open the old notebook and read it. So he got out of bed and stumbled his way in the dark to the clicking book. Just as quick as he clawed it open the notebook erupted in light, blinding Jayden, and absorbing him into the light. Soon the book hit the ground with a faint ‘thud’ and all was silent. As Jayden’s eyes adapted to his surroundings he removed his arm from his eye and saw the vast mountains around him. Locking closer he saw small villages dotted around the world. It was beautiful. “GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!” Jayden felt a gust of wind hit his back, as if hundreds of people pushing on him at the same time. Jayden ,threatened what was behind him, slowly he creaked around ready to face what he thought was behind him. It was just what he feared, A DRAGON!!! He was glued to the ground, petrified solid. The dragon shrieked into Jayden’s face coating him in the disgusting mucus, that was his queue to leave. Jayden dashed down the mountain, never stopping as he knew if he stopped he would be a dragons lunch. Eventually he made his way to a city, he saw the city on his way down the mountain and it seemed fairly large, he stumbled through the city unsure of where to go he would have to figure it out on his own.

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strange lands

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A world torn apart.

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Battle Cry

By Stuart Gordon, year 9, Grammar School

Lewis Dunkeld opened his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he’d seen:

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The fallen star

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The missing link

By Thomas Gavey, year 7, Elizabeth College

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