Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Blood Badge

By Destiny Blackwood, year 9, St Sampson’s School

“Past it Harry, we all want to see it!”, beamed Jessica as she and three others waited to see the mysterious object. “What even is it?”, continued Elaina in her posh British accent. “I don’t know, I found it in that rusty old box downstairs in the cellar.”, replied Harry. “Do you mean the cellar that your parents forbid you to go in?”, questioned Jeremy. “Yes but it doesn’t matter, this is me getting back at them for agreeing to send me to summer camp.”, replied Harry with a fierce tone. “But Harry, you do remember the story your parents told us right? The one about ‘the witches curse’ and ‘the other side’?, suggested Elaina. “Yes Elaina but I highly doubt it is true, I mean look at it, it’s a rusty old chunk of metal with some sort of voodoo badge in the top. What harm could it cause?”, explained Harry. “Guys listen, the book says all those involved must give drop one drop of blood onto the badge to get to ‘the other side.’”, laughed Jessica. “Why don’t we try it. It’s a laugh I mean it’s not real.”, recommend Jeremy. “Sure, why not”, agreed the four of them. “Good, I’ve got a pin we can use to get a drop of blood”, said Harry. They sat in a circle in Harry’s incy room and dropped a drop of blood onto the badge each. Then they waited, and waited. Several hours had passed. Not one thing had happened. “See, told you this was dumb”, bellowed Jessica as she impatiently waited. “Oh well, it was a quick way to pass time along I guess”, mumbled Harry. “Guys, I think it might be working”, nervously said Jeremy . “Jeremy don’t turn around”, ordered Jessica. “ “OMG, it can’t be. It’s a...”

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