Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Billy's Ring

By Maddox Turner, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

Billy was in the haunted mansion in the green fields. He found a ring in the basement, He needed it. Later when he was at his house in Tarrey Town his friend Martin came to his house. Billy wasn't normal. He acted protective. when Martin went to touch the ring. Billy lunged at him, pushing into the wall. Martin pushed Billy away and ran into the shopping area. TarreyTtown was the only independent town in Turnaria, it was mostly houses with a few shops with a big mansion to the east where the Nandor family lived. It had been days since Martin spoke to Billy. He knew the ring was affecting him. He needed to get rid of it. Martin went to his house and broke into the window, grabbed Billy and dragged him north to Turner Town. Five hours later they arrived. Billy had had enough and ran off into the houses but Martin grabbed him before he could get away. They had requested that they speak to King Turner. King Turner told them they had found Momo's ring and needed to destroy it in the volcano north west of the Death Mountains. Two days later they had arrived at the island of the volcano. The locals didn't want him there and he only had a day to destroy the ring. They hurried up to go to the volcano. It was very steep and they nearly fell what seemed like thousands of times. Halfway up the volcano they had had enough but they kept going. They went through a cave with lots of twists and turns but they did it. They were at the top and Billy held the ring in his hand. He walked to the ledge and held it out. But did he drop it or did he keep it?

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