Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Big Girls

By brooke ceillam, year 7, Les Beaucamps School

“Ring ring”. Making my way to period three with Bella, it was a windy day and we'd just had history, now PE. Bella and I were getting changed until I realised my top had gone missing. I turned to Bella and said, “Have you seen my top?”

“Then turn around, fatty,” I was standing there, I slowly turned around... It was Sienna Tone and her friends, Izzie, Chloe and Tessa.

They were holding my PE top, my face went bright red and quickly, I turned back around. “Hey fatty, want your XXL PE top back?” They all started to laugh apart from Bella. Bella tried snatching the top back from Sienna but she was too quick, Izzie looked at me and with a sneaky smile she said, “You need to go to the gym.” I snatched my top back, tied up my shoes, and Bella and I went to the PE hall.

I was sitting on the bench waiting to go on for a match of basketball when Bella came back from her match.. She sat beside me and slowly said, “It's okay Lucy, stay strong.” I was in the middle of my match when… “ring ring” the bell went, Bella and I ran into the changing room, grabbed our stuff and ran to the toilets, we got changed in there and surprisingly Sienna didn't find us. Just as I said that, I heard the door open. I stayed quiet. Bella ran off without me. Four girls walked through the door, I stepped back as they slowly walked towards me… I felt sick. Sienna grabbed me by the braids and yanked my hair, Izzie hit me a couple of times. As soon as she did that, I reacted quickly. I pushed Sienna back, grabbed my stuff and headed out the door...

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